Why Whoopi Goldberg's Holiday Sweater Collection Holds A Special Place In Her Heart

"[Holiday sweaters] seemed to be something that was in the suburbs. People in the projects didn’t seem to do that."

Everyone loves a good holiday sweater, especially if you're headed back to another "ugly sweater" party this year. And now, Whoopi Goldberg has launched a new line of hilarious holiday sweaters everyone can enjoy. But the sweaters aren't just meant to be silly, they also hold a special place in Goldberg's heart. 

"We didn't have anything like this growing up," Goldberg told Redbook magazine. "[Holiday sweaters] seemed to be something that was in the suburbs. People in the projects didn't seem to do that. But I like the idea of them, and I like them because they're fun and they make you smile, and it's a good way to kick off the holiday season."

Besides what the sweaters represent to Goldberg, they are also special in that they help us keep a lighthearted attitude around the holidays — something so important given all the holiday stressors we often face. Research shows that a lack of time and a lack of money can stress us out this time of the year. But there are ways to manage it, like taking a time out, adjusting our expectations, getting exercise, and of course, laughing. 

Goldberg's collection accomplishes the laugh effect as it features everything from a "booty shakin'" Santa,  to a family gathered around their Christmas tree, and even farting gingerbread men: "Who cut the gingerbread?" one cookie asks the others.

There's also a sweater featuring a baby Santa: "Because just the idea of a baby Black Santa with a beard, I just love it," Goldberg told Redbook magazine. 

Whether you're looking for yourself or a friend, check out some pieces from Goldberg's collection below. 


Cover image via Eugene Parciasepe/ Shutterstock.com


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