This Is Why You Should Wear Deodorant To The Grocery Store...

Woody Allen would be thrilled.

The brassy tones of Louis Armstrong's jazz trumpet flounce around confidently. Our eardrums almost instantly identify the familiar vibe.  We're in a Woody Allen-inspired world, following our leading putz through his Sunday afternoon ritual.

While this short film is meant to be a modern-day spin on Allen's classic, Manhattan, there's something even more charming about the location our filmmakers, Jonah Feingold and Emily Wolfe, chose to use as their setting.


Whole Foods.

The film is called, "Letters To Manhattan (a Whole Foods Love Story)," and it might be the most relatable piece of romantic fiction our generation has ever seen. Who hasn't fallen in love with the hottie in the produce section?

Secretly, everyone hates combing a dimly lit bar for something resembling "love" at 3am. There's nothing romantic about it. And let's be honest, there's absolutely nothing wholesome about it. But it's inconvenient, not to mention unnatural, to dedicate precious time to creating online dating profiles. We should be meeting our soul mates…


"We wanted to explore the idea of meeting someone in a more serendipitous and old school way," Feingold told A+. "I've always had this semi-joking, romanticized story in my head where I lock eyes with the girl in the Tates Cookies aisle and we both just know it's meant to be."

Ladies, this short film might be the sweetest thing you've ever seen.

..But, if not, at least it will inspire you to wear lip-gloss to the grocery store.


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