Gut-Wrenching Social Experiment Tests Whether Bystanders Will Help A Bullied Child

The results will bring you to tears.

In a gut-wrenching PSA conducted by UP TV, an anti-bullying organization, we see a little girl sitting at a bus stop. Next to her are two classmates who berate and tease her, saying things like like "Do you have any friends at all? Any ones that aren't imaginary or your family?" 

The video then shows these words:


"At least one in three kids will be bullied during school. UP TV set out to ask the question: In an increasingly disconnected world, who will stop the bullying?"

It's painful to watch the two girls continue to tease the one on the left, and as a viewer, you want more than anything for the adult bystanders to stop the abuse. Luckily, even in a world where we are so disconnected, people can be surprisingly tuned in and present.

Watch the video below to see "who will stop the bullying." 

Warning: Have tissues at the ready before pressing play on this video:

It's hard not to hold back tears as each adult intervenes, some calling out the bullies for their bad behavior, and others inviting the bullied child to come sit next to them. The simple interaction with the adult ends the situation abruptly, and shows just whose responsibility it is to stop the bullying — anyone with a voice.

"It's that stuff that you're doing that brings people's self-esteem down."

As the video mentions at the beginning, at least one in three children will be bullied at school. There are many resources to help kids and parents of kids who are affected by bullying, and a great place to start learning about how you can help is on UP TV's website

And there's no better time to start helping than the present. After all, October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. 


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