You Might Be Surprised Who Pays On The First Date Around The World

What's considered appropriate in your country?

One of the most hotly-contested matters of etiquette in the United States is who should pay on the first date of a male/female couple. Some argue the guy always pays, while others insist the tradition is based on archaic ideas of gender roles. Still, others take the stance that whoever initiates the date — whoever invites the other — should pay, while some people just say the check should be split either in half or according to who ordered what.

Yup, as if dating wasn't complicated enough, we have to also consider personal finance and evolving ideas about gender. 

This light-hearted look by Dating Beyond Borders at dating worldwide gives a glimpse at how some people from different countries look at the "who pays" question. It's not scientific and it's not intended to speak for every person from every country, but it is an entertaining look at the way people think. 


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