White Girl Tries So Hard To Get Arrested, But It Just Won't Happen. Privilege At It's Finest.

She tries everything. And we mean everything.

In Hollywood, if you can't get arrested, then you really are a nobody. That might mean Jessie Kahnweiler, the writer/comedienne behind the viral short "Meet My Rapist" and the upcoming comic Web series about eating disorders called The Skinny, might have career trouble. She tried to get arrested in a myriad of ways — from public drunkenness to nudity to swimming in a public fountain to dealing prescription drugs to police officers — and still, no dice. 

Or maybe it's just white privilege at work.


The filmmaker, who is white despite her chin hair, spent a day in L.A. talking to citizens and cops about the meaning of the oft-used "white privilege." While one LAPD Officer Kahnweiler had no idea what she was talking about, everyone else, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti weighed in with their thoughts on the topic.

Ever outrageous, Kahnweiler even told Garcetti to let her know if he and his wife would consider opening up their relationship. To recap, she bum-rushed the mayor and suggested a threesome to him and still no free trip to the precinct for her? How many Get Out of Jail Free cards does she have?

When asked if she's heard back from the mayor, Kahnweiler told A Plus, "No, not yet! He's playing hard to get."

We're sure that Kahnweiler will be the first to tell us if he does get back to her.

Check out the hilarious video of Jessie Kahnweiler's illegal romp through L.A.


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