In A Demonstration Of Fashion Technology, One Woman Pours Food And Beverages All Over Stain-Free Clothes


Wearing white can make anyone look bright and fresh — even after Labor Day. But it's usually only a matter of time before our white clothing gets stained with some wine, ketchup, salsa, you name it. 

But with a little bit of innovation and technology, it is possible to never have to worry about stains again. In a cool demonstration of how technology can be applied to fashion, one woman from Racked tested Elizabeth & Clarke's Unstainable® Workwear Collection shirt, as well as "Stay-White" pants from Old Navy, by pouring various foods and beverages directly onto them. 

Amazingly, everything she tries — coffee, wine, etc. — bounces right off, leaving the fabric pretty stain-free. According to Elizabeth & Clarke's website, the company uses tiny fibers to prevent stains, "using a similar process that a flower does to repel the morning do." Their clothing is also sweat-proof and odor-free, further supporting professional women who want to balance style with function. "The struggle is real, but it doesn't have to be anymore."


This isn't the only company to utilize such fiber technology. Dropel  is another brand that "makes clothing lifeproof." Their website says they "develop performance-based natural, cotton fibers through material science and process technology."

Dropel's co-founder explained that "the ISO-certified textiles are produced by adding the stain-repelling nanotechnology into the fabric between the dyeing and knitting process," and that these textiles promote fashion sustainability

We always love to see such an innovative crossover between fashion and technology. 

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