If Saying 'Thank You' And 'Love You' Doesn't Cost A Thing, Why Is It So Hard To Do?

It’s not always easy. But it’s always worth it.

Every meal on the table, every clean sock, every ironed shirt. Those are the everyday acts of care we rarely give credit to.

Whirlpool USA is setting to change that with their #EveryDayCare campaign. According to Whirlpool, "26.1 million Americans care for both children and aging parents in one home." Sadly, it is often taken for granted.

This woman woman got the chance to see how much her care counts.


The campaign is dedicated to showing how selfless acts of care can make a change in the world and in the people surrounding us. If it made you think of someone in particular, don't hesitate to thank him or her for their kindness and love.

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