8 Times TV Men Gave You Serious, Jim Halpert-Level Feels

We've all done it. Why can't we all find the Jim to our Pam?

The writing on television shows has become so great that many of us develop real feelings for character pairings. Whether it's Jim and Pam or Ross and Rachel, these dynamic couples exemplify everything we want in a real relationship. The key to the success of these relationships and the success of the characters is one thing: chemistry. 

But how do we find this kind of chemistry in our own lives? While we may never find someone as perfect as Jim Halpert, there are guys out there who possess similar traits. 

When you do find that special someone, here are some tips to achieve the classic TV romance that we all want — delivered by the moments that first inspired you.


1. When Nick kisses Jess for the first time on "New Girl" and sparks fly everywhere.

This is by far one of the greatest moments of television ever.

Tip: In order to achieve this level of romance, be spontaneous! What made this moment so raw and real was that it was completely spur of the moment. There was even talk that the kiss was unplanned by the producers. What it boils down to is that if the passion is spontaneous, it's probably going to make for a romantic moment.

2. When Jim tells Pam he loves her for the first time.

This moment brought tears to everyone's eyes because it's the first time on "The Office" that Jim admits to Pam he's over-the-moon in love with her. 

Tip: Admit your feelings when you can because you never know what will happen. This moment was incredibly romantic because Jim was baring his soul to Pam. He was admitting everything he'd been feeling for the past four years and it was beautiful. We don't talk about our feelings enough in life and we should. 

3. When Diane leaves Cheers and Sam tells her to "have a good life."

For those of you who haven't watched "Cheers," go do it now. It's on Netflix. There was a poignant moment at the close of season four when Diane chose to put marrying Sam on hold in order to further her career as a novelist. Sam and Diane had the best chemistry on television. As Diane left, Sam told her to "have a good life" which signified that she wouldn't be returning. 

Tip: Don't say goodbye. Goodbyes always feel too final. "See you soon" is a much better way to let someone know that you will still be there for them always. Whether your love is going away for a week or a year, let them know how much you love them before they go. 

4. When Marshall picks Lily up from the airport with a full marching band.

Marshall and Lily are ultimate relationship goals. In this season 4 gem from "How I Met Your Mother," Lily thought Marshall wasn't going to make it to the airport to pick her up. Just before she was ready to give up, an incredible thing happened — a marching band began playing "Auld Lang Syne." This scene is one of the reasons why Lily and Marshall are the ultimate couple. 

Tip: In order to achieve this level of romance, it takes a couple years, but you can start by surprising your loved one with sweet gestures. Going out of your way to do something nice for your partner helps to keep the romance alive.

5. When Ross rushes to the airport to beg Rachel not to go to Paris.

Ross and Rachel had their share of ups and downs on "Friends," but in the end it was all about love. When Ross rushed to the airport to beg Rachel not to go to Paris, the audience's hearts sunk as she decided to get on the plane. This scene showed us how much Ross had always loved her. 

Tip: This level of love took 10 years to come to fruition but you can have a little of what they had if you don't sweat the small stuff. The lesson we can take from Ross and Rachel is that we should focus on what really matters and not let all of the small things get in the way of true love.

6. When Jackie tells Kelso to kiss any girl he chooses and he chooses her, swoon.

Jackie and Kelso may not have been the perfect couple, but they were super cute on "That '70s Show." 

This moment was beautiful because up until it, Jackie always seemed to be more into Kelso than he was to her. Choosing to kiss Jackie over all the other girls he would typically be displaying interest in was a poignant moment in their relationship.

Tip: Be with someone you can trust. Being able to trust someone in a relationship is the foundation for romance. Go Kelso and Jackie! 

7. When Ben has the simplest yet sweetest proposal for Leslie.

Ben and Leslie are the quirkiest, dorkiest, most beautiful power couple in all of Pawnee. Ben's proposal to Leslie was not over-the-top crazy, it was perfect. 

Tip: Romance doesn't always consist of grand gestures. Simple can be beautiful. Dorky can be beautiful. 

8. Basically every moment of Cory and Topanga's relationship.

There are too many super romantic "Boy Meets World" moments to choose just one. Cory and Topanga will probably exist as the best TV couple of all time because even though they had rough times, they always had love for each other. Cory believed with his entire heart that they were soulmates and it was so heartwarming. 

Tip: Romance will not always be alive in a relationship because life gets in the way. If you can endure break ups, make ups, and hard times, you can survive anything. Love never fails. 

Cover image via Larry Busacca/Getty Images.


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