5 Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Is Your Best Friend

As far as comfort-level goes, he's the human equivalent of your favorite pair of sweatpants.

Boyfriends come and go; best friends are forever. But what happens when your boyfriend is your best friend? Well, that's where "the best of both worlds" begins. When your boyfriend is your best friend, you know you can trust him wholeheartedly. You can tell your best friend boyfriend anything and everything and know he'll keep your secrets. And boyfriends who are best friends will always be there when you need advice or a shoulder on which to cry. Beyond these typical benefits, however, there are numerous additional perks that make having a boyfriend who's your best friend the greatest scenario imaginable:


1. You feel free to be your crazy, weird self without risk of judgement.

When you're with him, you know you don't have to keep up appearances. He loves you for who you are, weirdness and all. He doesn't judge your quirks — he loves them. No matter how strange you are, you know he'll never go running in the other direction.

2. You're sarcastic and snarky in public, but you never hurt each other's feelings.

You both love to poke fun at one another when you're around friends and family. (It's your less gross version of PDA.) But your snarky jabs never cross the line. You love one another, flaws and all, and your playful nature makes your bond that much stronger.

3. Your inside jokes make it sound like you're speaking in code.

Your shared experiences have spawned countless funny references over the years. But those around you have no idea what you are talking about half the time. At this point, it's as if you speak a language that only the two of you understand.

4. You might not always like each other, but your love remains strong.

No two people can get along perfectly all the time. But, even if you don't like him at the moment, you know that you love each other deep down. You understand how his mind works, and vice versa, so conflict never lasts that long.

5. You can sit together in silence without feeling awkward.

You never feel the need to fill the void with idle chatter. You simply enjoy each other's company, so you don't mind doing your thing while he does his as long as you're in the same room. Any time together counts as quality time to you.

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