Dad's Clever Solution For Avoiding The Headache Of Trying To Decide Where To Go To Dinner

"Because I'm tired of, 'it doesn't matter.'"

Let us set the all-too-familiar scene: everyone is hungry, dressed, and ready to get dinner. There's just one problem. No one can decide where to go. So, you sit there listing places and hearing indifferent responses, making the decision that much harder. 

Well, this Georgia dad has got a solution for you. Jerry Baker created a "wheel of restaurants" that he can spin to make the decision for him. He printed out a list of restaurants he and girlfriend enjoy and glued them onto his child's See n' Say toy. Now, all the couple has to do when they want to dine out is spin the wheel and they're off. 

Baker shared a photo of the wheel on Facebook and captioned it, "Because I'm tired of, 'it doesn't matter.'" The Facebook post has since been shared over 170,000 times. 


Baker's 20-year-old son Jared also shared the wheel with his Twitter followers. "My dad made this for when his girlfriend won't pick a restaurant," he wrote. The tweet was then favorited nearly 10,000 times and retweeted nearly 5,000. 

Both posts went viral because people find it to be a simple, but creative solution to a relatable problem.

Guess you can find success when reinventing the wheel. 

(H/T: Woman's Day


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