8 Women Strip Down To Their Underwear To Redefine What Gives Them Style

"The self-image crisis is not just an American issue."

Ever since its launch a couple years ago, YouTube channel StyeLikeU has gained many loyal followers. 

The channel, run by mother-daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, is particularly known for their I Am What's Underneath project, a series of videos aimed to empower "people to accept and express their true self." In the videos, people of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds are asked to strip down to their underwear on camera  — all while talking about their greatest insecurities. The point is to show viewers that true style isn't about what you're wearing, but about who you are, or "what's underneath." 

"My mom has always said to me, 'you can be naked and have style.' What she meant by this is that style is not about material things and consumption, it's about the spirit, essence and confidence of an individual," Mandelbaum told A Plus in a 2014 email. 


Now, StyleLikeU has taken another step towards empowering people across borders by releasing a London edition of the 'I Am What's Underneath Project.' They hope this series will turn into a global movement.

"The self-image crisis is not just an American issue [...]," it states in the YouTube description for the I Am What's Underneath London edition trailer. "Thanks to your Facebook messages, emails, and soulful Skype chats, we know that contaminated, one-dimensional notions of style and beauty are perpetuated in countless countries and cultures. London marks our first stop in demolishing these self-destructive norms and replacing them with standards centered upon expressing and accepting our true selves."

And let us tell you, these London women are truly magic. 

Preach, ladies, preach.

"No, I'm fat. Why is this such a bad word?" asks plus-size model Olivia Campbell in the video.

"Some guys were like 'oh my god, you're so hot. If you were not black, I'd definitely fu*k you,' " shares stylist and blogger Freddie Harrell.

"[My favorite part of my body is] the whole of it. Do you know why I don't want to be a part? Because that's objectifying," another woman is heard saying in the background. "I am whole, I'm not bits."

Watch the trailer for StyleLikeU's London edition of the 'I Am What's Underneath' project below:

"For us, London is just the beginning," it says in the YouTube description. "We will be taking the project to Buenos Aires and South Africa (and perhaps a couple of other surprise countries)." 

We love this global movement. 


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