Here's Why It's So Important We Raise Girls To Know Their Possibilities Are Endless

Women make up only 11 percent of practicing engineers. It's time we change the statistic.

From a young age, there are things kids understand: They know how to brush their teeth, and to read to their siblings. They understand they are strong, fast, and one-of-a-kind.

But as they get older, boys start to learn one thing, while girls are taught another. Girls start to learn they are awarded for being quiet, not for being quizzical. They learn to hate their bodies, and that there are certain career paths they shouldn't pursue. 

In a new video for Kazoo magazine — a publication intended to inspire young girls to be themselves — we see just how many possibilities a girl has before she learns such statistics as "only 11 percent of practicing engineers and only one-fifth of all head chefs are women," and that "60 percent of girls give up doing what they love because they don't like the way they look." 

In the video, the point is made that, if we all work together toward making the world a more equal place for women, perhaps young girls will never have to learn these things. 


"She doesn't know any of this — and maybe, she won't have to. After all, the world is changing every day."

If we continue along a progressive path, and raise young girls to know they can achieve anything they want, then who knows what we can all accomplish. 

You can check out more in the full video below:



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