12 People Reveal What They Do For Themselves To Stay Happy

Surround yourself with beauty.

From small acts of kindness to grander life plans, there are countless ways to spread happiness, and to find it within yourself. Sometimes, however, the smallest, most simple, things we can do to help ourselves are right in front of our faces, but we just don't notice them. That's why it can be helpful to enlist the help of others and ask what they do to make every day just a little brighter. 

In an effort to get some advice, one Redditor asked others on the platform exactly what they are doing for themselves to stay happy. The question sparked a slew of responses filled with ideas anyone can use.

For example, multiple Redditors said they cook or bake to stay happy, and another said they treat themselves to a date, which in turn, can help promote self-love. 

Check out some of our favorite responses below. 


1. Cook.

2. Bake. (And share it!)

3. Change up your route.

4. Mix it up.

5. Take yourself on a date.

6. Sweat it out.

7. Just relax.

8. Pick up a new book.

9. Make boring activities enjoyable.

10. Craft.

11. Meditate.

12. Surround yourself with beauty.

Cover photo by Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com


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