This Kid Was Asked What He Would Do With A Billion Dollars. His Response Made Us Die Laughing.

This kid is evil.

You know what's cool? A billion dollars! That's right, we all know the line.

This boy's teacher asked him what he would do with a billion dollars. Some kids might have responded that they would buy a ton of toys. Or maybe build a spaceship. Perhaps some of the more altruistic among them might help solve world hunger. 

Not this kid. He's got an entirely different sort of plan for his fortunes. And his outrageous reply proves that kids can be evil geniuses.


Text of the note:

If I had one billion dollars I would make an ophan believe he was going to Hogwarts to learn magic. I would pay actors to pretend to be wizards and have a fake Hagrid take him  shopping at a pretend Diagon alley. I would plan elaborate magic illusions to convince him he really was a awizard. Finally, I would conince him to run at the wall to get to platform 9 3/4. As soon as he hits the wall balloons would fall from the sky and a giant banner would fall down and read "Magic Isn't Real."

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