Seniors Reflect On What Older People Were Like When They Were Kids

"She even thought the word 'stink' was vulgar."

We can all stand to learn a lot from previous generations. With years of experience behind them, they have much more insight and advice on love, the secret to a long life, the secret to happiness, and other topics. But oftentimes the age gap can make it feel like seniors lived in a completely different world than ourselves. Just imagine how they must feel about the seniors from when they were kids.  

To find out what seniors of today think of the generations before them, one Redditor asked the online community, "What were the elderly like when you were kids?" The thread has older people comparing their generation to their grandparents, and the answers will intrigue people of all generations.


1. Previous generations didn't seem to be as open with sharing personal details.

2. They were a dichotomy of modern and tradition.

3. They could be surprisingly strong.

4. Their accents seemed much thicker.

5. Older female generations never wore pants.

6. Grandparents didn't seem as involved raising kids.

7. They couldn't easily go on vacation.

8. All of them would keep an eye on you.

9. They were extremely self-reliant.

10. They were more restricted by their bodies.

11. They thought hats were an essential part of an outfit.

12. They did less physical outdoor actives.

13. Families took care of each other.

14. They looked older.

15. They were more sedentary, homebodies.

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