What The Average Man's Body Looks Like Around The World

Meet Todd.

Like the American woman, the American man comes in many shapes and sizes. He could be a muscular football player, a short Danny Devito pot-bellied type or he could be tall and lean, among countless other combinations. 

But according to the CDC, and graphic artist Nickolay Lamm, the average American man is of average height and on the heavier side. Lamm created images of the average man's body type (shown as white men) from different countries using the data from his Body Measurement Project. And the findings might come as a surprise. 

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The "Todds" as The Atlantic calls them, side-by-side.

For one, out of the countries represented by the "Todd" men, the U.S. man has the largest waistline (99 cm). And he's no longer the tallest as the case was in previous years. According to The Atlantic, Americans are losing their height, as they come in shorter than the Dutch man who clocks in a 6 feet.

(The races of the Todds from left to right: USA, Japan, Netherlands, France)

Of the Todds pictured above, men from Japan have the smallest waistlines and heights on average (171.4 cm tall and 82.9 cm waist), compared to the largest of the men height wise: men from the Netherlands coming in at an average height of 183.3 cm. 

Lamm attributes this to the Dutch's healthcare. "The Dutch have some of the world's best healthcare, particularly at the stages of life that really make a difference for how tall we end up -- prenatal and the early years of childhood," he wrote on his site. 

With obesity becoming a huge cause of concern in the U.S., the Todds make it clear Americans are growing in all the wrong places.

Maybe next year, gentlemen.

USA Todd vs. Netherlands Todd


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