Here's How You Can Counteract The Dangerous Effects Of Sitting All Day

Sit up, stand up.

Right now, as you're reading this, are you sitting or are you standing?

From watching TV to working on a laptop, reading a book, and eating, so much of our daily lives are centered around activities that encourage us to sit down. Moreover, these activities have become so second nature that we probably don't even realize how little we're working our muscles. 

And though it may be funny to laugh about how much time we wasted sitting and watching Netflix, there are actually some very not-so-funny things that sitting can do to our bodies.

A recent video by BuzzFeed points out that sitting slows down our metabolism, increases our chances of heart disease, and distorts the discs in our backs which, in turn "[affects] tendons and ligaments around them."

And that's just a few of the notable negative effects. 

Luckily, the video also showcases easy ways in which we can counteract the consequences of sitting. Here's how to get started:


Fix your posture.

We understand that it's hard not to slouch — but your back will thank you! 

Try yoga.

Take a yoga break at work or at home. Not only will you work your muscles, but you'll feel more relaxed, too.

Stand up for calls.

Get up and walk around when you're on a phone call to add in a few extra minutes of movement each day.

Find out what else you can do in the full video below:


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