'We Had An Emoji War:' Kids Describe What Romance Is Like In Middle School

"It's just awkward..."

Middle school can be an awkward time for many kids as they transition from their elementary school years and start preparing for teenage-hood.

Moreover, when it comes to love and romance, things get even more confusing. There are a bunch of rules and loose ends, as explained by The Washington Post in 2005, and everyone seems to have a different outlook on what dating really means.

Do boys and/or girls still have cooties? Do people actually dance together at the Friday night dance? What's going on?

In a video for WNYC, middle schoolers across seven New York City schools explain just what they think romance is like when you're 12 years old. 


And the results are both heartwarming and hilarious.

On awkwardness:

On friendship:

On dating:

And what about when technology comes into play?

Of course.

On love:

On balance:

On being single:

For more, be sure to watch the full video below:

For more from the series, check out "Being 12."


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