Here Are 7 Things These Plus-Size Women Want You To Know

"So if you identify as fat, like, welcome to the party."

'Fat' isn't necessarily a bad word and not everyone wants to be thinner than they are. 

These are two of the seven things plus-size women in a video for The Scene want you to know. 

"People like to use the word 'fat' as a weapon," Sarah, one of the participants, begins. "And sometimes I say it and people visibly jump. But it is what I am ... but that doesn't mean that I am less of a person. So if you identify as fat, like, welcome to the party. But if you don't then that's OK too." 

The women in the video continue to explain that, despite what people think, their love lives are doing just fine, and that they want more representation in the media.

Check out all seven of their points below: 


1. " 'Fat' isn't a dirty word."

2. "Our love lives are just fine."

3. "We don't all want to be thinner."

4. " 'Plus-size' is a helpful term."

5. "Shopping is hard."

6. "Keep your opinions to yourself."

7. "We want to be seen."

Be sure to watch the full video below: 

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