What Barack Obama Doesn't Miss About Being President

"It's a very nice prison."

After delivering a keynote speech at the Global Food Innovation Summit, former President Barack Obama shared what he doesn't miss about being president.

Speaking in Milan, Italy, Obama sat down for an interview with former White House chef Sam Kass. Kass took the time to ask what Obama didn't miss about being president. 

"Oh, that's a long list," Obama said with a chuckle. "The hardest thing about being president of the United States is it is unique in its isolation...in part because of the security apparatus around a U.S. president, you live in what's called the bubble. It is a very nice prison."


Obama explained that when you're president, you can't simply go for a walk or sit down at a cafe because there is a security risk in every movement you make. 

"I don't miss that," he said. "Now I'm only captive to selfies... which is almost as bad. I can walk anywhere as long as I'm willing to take a selfie every two steps."

After stepping aside for President Donald Trump, Obama took off for a vacation with his family — one that included a bit of time out of the public limelight. Since then, Obama has cautiously waded back into the public eye, extended his condolences after terror attacks in London, speaking out against President Trump's travel ban, going to bat for health care and pledging to give a helping hand to Chicago through The Obama Foundation. 


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