Don't Say These Things When You're Talking To A Rape Victim. Ever.


What do you usually do when a friend wants to tell you a secret? Particularly a very personal one.


You want to know more, right? So you ask.

But there are situations when certain questions can do more harm than good. Like when your friend has been sexually assaulted.

So these guys decided to help you out and made a tutorial video on what NOT to say to a rape survivor.

The video below was created by Rape Joke, a group of people who each have personal experiences with sexual harassment, and who say they want to "inject the national conversation about sexual violence with the voices of its least considered participants – the survivors."

Rape Joke blends edgy humor with sincere and important information about sexual assault. This way, the team hopes to change the way we think and talk about rape: Instead of shying away from it, they believe people need to accept that it can happen anywhere, and to anyone.

Rape Joke's website features some direct advice on how to talk with people, like this one:

"DO assume that a person who is telling you they were raped is telling the truth. After all, telling someone you were raped is nearly guaranteed to be the only thing shittier than getting raped."

Watch the full video below and learn how to and, more importantly, how NOT to talk about rape.

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