7 Moms Confess What Nobody Ever Warned Them About Being Pregnant

Slightly NSFW, but a must-read, especially #5.

There are no shortage of books and magazines to help pregnant women know what to expect when they are expecting, but there's no way any book can completely prepare moms-to-be for the wonder and miracle of childbirth — especially when it comes to the parts that might not feel or seem all that wonderful at the time. 

Luckily, there's the Internet.

Awhile back, moms answered "What's something about pregnancy nobody warned you about" on Ask Reddit. 

The answers may surprise you, even if you already have kids. 

Take a look.


1. Wow, had no idea this could happen.

"In the first few weeks of lactation, hearing a baby cry would trigger my breasts to leak. Not just my baby, any baby. Made for some really awkward moments in public."

— CorruptMistress

2. Doctors have seen it all.

"When your water breaks, it a disgusting feeling. At least it was for me. It did not break like a huge gush, it broke like a trickle. I actually thought I was peeing on myself so I went to the restroom. But it wouldn't stop and it was clear, so I knew. But the entire trip to the hospital, I was steadily leaking. It felt so gross to me. Even at the hospital waiting for the doctor, while I changed on the hospital gown, I was leaking all over the floor. I didn't want the doctor to come in and slip, so I was on the floor cleaning it up when the doc came in. He didn't like that. Told me to get up and rest, they have people to do that. Woman in labor with twins shouldn't be doing that, I guess."

— Noellani

3. This doesn't sound fun.

"That sometimes the baby WILL kick your bladder and you WILL piss yourself, no warning at all... Also in the last trimester sometimes the baby will seem to flip around and throw you off balance. My last month I had zero balance and randomly pissed my pants... awesome."

— truevwlove

4. Can't even plan for this.

"I am pregnant right now, only 19 weeks, and I went to seven bra stores yesterday, even a maternity store, and could not find a bra in my size.

There are no maternity bras in my size, and I am only half way through my pregnancy! WHY?!

(To be fair, I had a generous set before I was pregnant, and I am pretty small)"

— WhatMichelleDoes

5. This would freak out ANY parent.

"Once you get used to your baby waking up every one to three hours, one day you'll wake up and notice they've been asleep for six to eight hours and you will freak out. My sister thought her baby had died or something because she had put the baby down for a nap at like 10 a.m. She took a nap as well, and expected to wake up around 12 p.m. She woke up at 4 p.m. and didn't hear her baby. Ran over to the crib, checked on her and...  she was fast asleep and fine.

Apparently it's pretty common for babies to just one day decide they're sick of sleeping only a couple hours at a time. It's not a gradual change."

— BakingBrad

6. The power of hormones.

"It wan't all bad. Orgasms were way better while pregnant. Around the second semester, after the morning sickness fades, sex just gets more intense, and I was horny ALL the time.

On the down side, I was exhausted all the time. I actually would crawl under my desk at work to nap, because I just couldn't stay awake any longer. (Usually just for 20 minutes or so, but once I fell into a deep sleep and was out for an hour and a half!)"

— Coconut-bird

Not everyone has this experience, obviously:

"Lucky you — I was good until six months then my sex drive turned completely off. I couldn't even give myself an orgasm."

— CalamityJaneDoe

7. You'd think people would talk about this one.

"Nobody told me about pubic bone pain. My boyfriend would find me curled into a ball because of pubic bone pain, you get used to it and it's brief."

What are some things you wish someone had told you about being pregnant? Let us know in the comments below!


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