Moms Tell Us What They *Really* Want For Mother's Day This Year

For the special woman in our lives.

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we're all scrambling to find the right gift for that very special woman in our lives. But if you've run through all the usual gifts for Mother's Day and need a few different ideas, we're here to help. 

Whether it's a delicious dinner at T.G.I. Fridays or a celebratory round of drinks (or two) to show you appreciate mom, you'll want to make it an event to remember. 

And to make sure that happens, we asked moms what it is they really want for Mother's Day — and, as it turns out, what they all wanted had one simple thing in common. 

To find out more, see their answers below to the question, "What do you really want for Mother's Day?" 



Courtesy of Jessica Corso

"Honestly, to be waited on hand and foot by my children."


Courtesy of Hilary Alvo

"What I really want for Mother's Day is time with my son. That is the most wonderful gift and the only gift that means anything to me. He does buy me wonderful gifts but nothing will ever be as precious as he and I together doing nothing but talking and laughing."


Courtesy of Abby Rogers

"What do I really want for Mothers Day? ... To spend the day with my daughters."


Courtesy of Theresa Lee-Lim

"I want all my children to be successful and happy."


Courtesy of Danute Rasimaviciute

"I want my daughter next to me, not an ocean away. Simply grabbing a coffee or enjoying wine together with her and my son." 


Courtesy of Steven Lerner

"Happiness, health, love and respect."


Courtesy of Ben Berman

"To see my sons continue to develop into good men who know how to treat the women in their lives, who are happy and healthy, and who visit often."


Courtesy of Isaac Saul

"What do mothers everywhere want for Mother's Day? That's easy: We want to know we are loved! When we have little ones, we get all the cute handmade notes, cards and drawings that come home from school for our special day. When our children grow up we need to be reassured that while they may not need as they once did, they do in fact still love us. The best present I ever received for Mother's Day (and my most cherished) is a video from my three sons telling me they love me."

Seems like what our moms really want is to some quality time with their kids. So clear your schedules and take your mom out for dinner and drinks — and an all-around great time.


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