9 People Share What Makes Their Relationship With Their Mom So Special

"She is my secret keeper, number one fan, and motivator. Even when she drives me crazy, I wouldn't want it any other way."

For many people, their mom holds a special place in their hearts. There's nothing quite like the relationship between mother and child because through all the ups and downs, she'll always be there for you. From your first steps, to your first child, you can count on your mom for anything and everything.


That's why, in celebration of Mother's Day, we asked nine people to share what makes their relationships with their moms so special. Their answers might just remind you of someone you know. 

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1. Because she's a best friend.

"My relationship with my mom is so special because she truly is my best friend. We talk about everything, share each other's clothes, travel together, and are always there for one another. Many people think we are sisters because we look so much alike ... I am so lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing Mom!" - Nicole Staab

2. Because you take care of each other.

"My mother moved from Cleveland, Ohio to a memory care facility near me in Wilmington, Delaware. This new relationship brought us closer together. Although she was suffering from Alzheimer's, she knew she was dependent on me and was very protective of me. In the evenings as the sun began to fade, she would rush me out of her room so I could arrive home safe. I was one of her caregivers, but she was still watching out for me." - Carol B. Amos

3. Because she's always in your heart, no matter the distance.

"My mom lives in a different country, so we mostly communicate by Skype. When I turn on the camera, I see her eyes on my computer screen — and they literally light up from the joy of seeing me." - Milana Perepyolkina

4. Because she wants the best for you.

"My relationship with my mom is so special because she's kind of like the best friend who always has my best interests at heart. She let me make small mistakes to help me grow as a person, but always brought wisdom to the equation when decisions had longer-lasting effects." - Joel Lyons

5. Because she inspires you to be a better mom yourself.

"Since becoming a mother six months ago, I see my mother with new eyes. Our relationship is special because she is the window to my soul. Everything I am and will ever be is because of her. The love and care she gives my daughter is the same she gave to me ... She is my secret keeper, number one fan, and motivator. Even when she drives me crazy, I wouldn't want it any other way." - Danielle Carin Dunn

6. Because she's your favorite dance partner.

"My relationship with my mom is special because of the give and take we share. We both give equally to all we share, how we love each other, and in all we do. We're also prone to impromptu dance parties, which is pretty great." - Jazmin Cybulski

7. Because she created unforgettable childhood memories.

"Some of the strongest memories of my childhood happened around food. My mom and I went to the farmers market together almost every Sunday. We would explore the stalls — talking to the farmers and sampling every fruit, pastry, and spice we could lay our hands on. Then, with a giant canvas bag full of goodies in tow, we would head home so she could create something simple and delicious for the family to enjoy ... Now that I live 3,000 miles away from her, I feel connected to my mom every time I find my way to the market and set out to recreate one of her iconic meals. I never thought I'd become just like her, but my happiest days are always the ones spent perusing the farmers market with my canvas bag in hand before cooking up a meal for my friends and loved ones." - Faye Lessler

8. Because she inspires you.

"My mother is a constant fountain of love, optimism, and positivity. She makes sure to call or text me every single day to check in and see how my day was. While her constant 'silver lining' talk annoys me at times, she is my inspiration because she doesn't let anything get her down." - Alisha Powell

9. Because she's a great mom and an even better grandma.

"My relationship with my mom is so special because of the way she is a great grandma to my 3-year-old son. There is nothing better than watching your mom take care of your own child and witnessing that love firsthand." - Ashley Lovinelli

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