These Are The Techniques Horror Films Use To Scare You

Making you jump is a lot harder than you think.

In the past, we shared a supercut of jump scare scenes from popular horror films that did an excellent job at making us flinch in our seats. But how — and why — do these scenes work to make us feel afraid? 

YouTube channel Now You See It, which is dedicated to exploring film themes and tropes, put together a video that explains what makes a movie scene scary. In it, it looks at a horror movie moment from the perspective of the filmmaker. 

It compares the success of one scene from the new horror film Lights Out to that of its short film counterpart, which has the same name, a similar concept, and was created by the same director. It explains how timing, suspense, perspective, location, light, and sound contribute to making a scene scary.

"To get a scare you need everything at once. The music, the timing, the script, the actors. Everything has to work together or else it's not scary," the video's narrator said. "So, before you go to sleep tonight, ask yourself, what scares me the most?" 

Check it out in the video below:


(H/T: Neatorama


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