Here's What Bra You Should Be Wearing Based On Your Body Type And Needs

Finding the right bra should not be so difficult.

It's an all too familiar struggle — you've created the perfect ensemble, but you can't figure out what kind of bra to wear. Any person with breasts knows this issue can make or break an outfit. After all, you don't want to be uncomfortable, but with so few sizes and styles, it's difficult to find the best bra that accommodates each woman's unique breast shape and size. How do you know what bra to wear with a tube top, or what bra to wear with a halter dress? How about what bra to wear with a backless dress, or what bra to wear with a romper? It's downright mind-boggling, especially when your primary concern involves finding what bra best fits your breast type.

While it's certainly not an exact science, these brands can help you find the bra that's best suited for your needs:


1. For the person who needs a reliable bra that fits their breast shape perfectly

Every woman needs that one go-to bra they can always depend upon to fit comfortably and provide sufficient support. That's why Heidi Zak teamed up with experienced bra designer Ra'el Cohen to create Third Love. Together, these women have established a brand that uses millions of real women's measurements — not size templates — to create bras that fit perfectly. 

Because every woman possess her own unique breast shape, Third Love created its own "Breast Shape Dictionary" to help new customers determine what bra style best suits their body type. Third Love also features an array of models in its advertisements in an effort to reinforce that there's no standard when it comes to the female form, and bras should reflect this truth. By seeing the products on women young and old, petite and plus, you can be sure that this brand only has its customers' best interests at heart.

2. For the teen who's still becoming acquainted with her developing body

For teens in the midst of puberty, becoming accustomed to one's developing body isn't always easy or straightforward. Many take this time to discover who they truly are and create the image they want the world to see. That's why Jazz Jennings, a teen activist who is a transgender, recently partnered with Knixteen to design a bra for its BraBoss collection. These bras are designed by teens for teens, as the brand insists upon taking suggestions from its key demographic in an effort to create products that cater directly to their needs.

"This is something really big for me, not just as a girl but as a transgender teenager," Jennings told Teen Vogue. "I feel like so many people invalidate the experience of transgender girls thinking that they aren't regular girls, but I am a normal girl. I have boobs, too, and I need to wear bras, as well. So, this is something that I can relate to and that I want to represent."

3. For the health-conscious woman who wants to stay one step ahead of cancer

Julián Ríos Cantú almost lost his mother to breast cancer when he was 13-years-old. While she lost both her breasts, his mother survived the disease, but the experience left a lasting impact on Ríos Cantú, who has since made it his mission to help prevent other women from enduring the same fate. Now in his late teens, the Mexican inventor has developed a bra outfitted with sensors that can detect the disease during its early stages. 

Ríos Cantú and his three friends launched Higia Technologies, which has since developed Eva, the breast cancer detection bra. The bra's tactile sensors map the breast's surface and monitor texture, color, and temperature. Users can monitor the data by downloading the accompanying app to their mobile phone or desktop. While women are still advised to conduct regular self-examinations, Eva can help detect extreme changes that might indicate there's something wrong. Additionally, there are many guides online to help you identify what breast cancer can look like.  

4. For big-breasted women who want a bra that actually provides a secure hold

People often assume that women with large chests are also plus-size, but this is not always the case. That's why TRUSST Lingerie CEO and co-founder Sophia Berman wanted to use her background in design and engineering to develop a revolutionary support system that helps ease the strain caused by bigger breasts. Instead of depending upon the bra's straps to support a woman's breasts, TRUSST's design supports 80 percent of said weight from underneath, thereby eliminating the uncomfortable underwire most traditional bras employ.

"They say wearing a properly fitted bra will make you look 10 pounds lighter, but there's also a mental aspect," Laura West, co-founder of TRUSST Lingerie, said. "If I wear something that makes me feel more beautiful, I automatically feel more confident." And that's precisely what the brand hopes to instill in its customers, too.

5. For active women who want to workout without discomfort or strain

No matter the size of your breasts, they can prove quite cumbersome when working out. Both low- and high-intensity exercise can feel awkward and uncomfortable without the proper support. With this in mind, model and body-positive activist Candice Huffine created an inclusive, sustainable activewear line called Day/Won for all body types in an effort to empower women and encourage everyone to love themselves.

"I was settling for sizes that were not right for my body, and I know I am not alone in that feeling," Huffine told Glamour. 

And she was right, as this Instagram comment proves:

"Just did a workout in leggings and a sport bra at home and was feeling judgmental of myself only to finish, go on Instagram and see this! You are the most similar to my body type I have seen in a model and it is sooooo inspiring because you are gorgeous! I always wanted to model when I was younger. I never thought I could because I didn't have the stereotypical body type for it. Thanks for reflecting my beauty back to me. I cant wait for models with body type variety to be the norm and not the exception."

Cover image via  iordani / Shutterstock


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