If You Travel By Air, You Need To Take This Quiz

A simple quiz to see how miserable you make your fellow passengers.

What does your carry-on look like?


Which picture best reflects your attitude in the security line?

What's your airport outfit?

4. What do you eat in-flight?

5. Your young children are...


Your Result: A+ Air Traveler!

You actually INCREASE airport efficiency by not being part of the problem and you don't make air travel any more painful than it has to be. Here, check out this slightly soiled copy of SkyMall.

Your Result: The "Please Don't Sit Next To Me" Passenger.

Those silent prayers for you to move to the last row are not unfounded. You're part of the reason why people say they hate traveling. You can probably be redeemed, however: just be extra-considerate. Either that or you can be blocked out with another round of mini-bottles or a couple Valium.

Your Result: The Barbarian.

Your habits make travel intolerable for civilized people. The unholy combination of unpleasant offspring, the overpowering stench of your food, flatulence, and bare feet, and your general lack of consideration makes you a major part of everything that's wrong with air travel. Please consider driving, ideally on a road with no other vehicles.


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