People Confess What It's Like To Be Mixed Race And The Struggles They Face When It Comes To Identity

"You don't need to fit a mold ..."

The complexities of racial identity are something that can never be completely unpacked. We connect to our backgrounds in ways that are often influenced by our personal feelings, but also the history of our families, ethnic groups, and locations. Everyone has the right to define themselves and their particular relationship with their heritage in their own way, but those who are of mixed race often face a particular set of struggles when it comes to identity. 

In a BuzzFeed video, participants who self-identify as mixed race or biracial, come forward to explain what it's like having to fit into multiple identities. One person talks about the pressures of fitting the stereotypes of both their ethnicities, and failing to do so, while simultaneously feeling rejected by both sides. 

The personal experiences of these people give us some insight, but of course, these are just a few perspectives that don't necessarily define the general experience of being mixed race. Everyone has their own story to tell.

As one woman in the video says, "There's no textbook on how to be multiracial and be OK with it. You just kind of have to forge ahead and be your own person." 

Below are some confessions from participants on what it's like being mixed race, being mislabeled, pressures of fitting in, feeling rejected, and finally, having to realize that there's no one way to experience a mixed race identity. 


"No one has ever been able to correctly identify who I am my entire life."

"Sometimes I wish I could walk in and just be recognized as a Mexican-American."

"An interesting part of my journey as a young multiracial person growing up was rejection from sort of both sides of my ethnic identity."

"We talk about race like it's this built-in intrinsic thing. But the reality is, we're mostly talking about looks, right?"

"You don't need to fit a mold that other people think you should fit."

"It's difficult learning that you don't have to decide what race you are."

Watch the full video below:


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