Here's Why People Are Dropping Condoms Filled With Water On Their Friends' Heads

The Internet never ceases to be a fascinating place.

Cat videos may rule the Internet, but videos of people doing ridiculous things also hold a special place in our hearts.  

And whenever there's a "challenge" combined with hashtag, you can be sure lots of hilarious footage of people taking part will flood the Internet. 


That's exactly what happened this week when the #CondomChallenge spread all over the Internet.

People are filling condoms with tons of water, and then dropping it on their friends' heads.

We're serious. Here's what the challenge looks like in slow motion:

If done properly, the condom should wrap around the person's head and retain all of the water inside of it.

Hysteric fits of laughter should then ensue.

While it seems totally ridiculous, the #CondomChallenge is actually meant to be for a good cause.

The challenge promotes safe sex. It spreads awareness to people everywhere that condoms are extremely durable and will fit any guy. A guy who says "condoms don't fit" is just giving a lame excuse to have unsafe sex.

Ron Freziers, the vice president of research and evaluation for the California Family Health Council, told Mic that because condoms are designed to be extremely elastic, it would take "three full watermelons full before it would pop." 

"I don't know if you know guys with a penis the size of a watermelon," he said. 

So far, no injuries related to this challenge have been reported, but there are some safety concerns. Covering your nose and mouth with a latex seal could potentially cause suffocation.

While we don't necessarily recommend trying this, we thought we'd let you know why people are doing it.

(H/T: Cosmopolitan


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