Not Sure If You're Mansplaining? Just Check This Handy Flow Chart.

"Since apparently this is hard to figure out, I made one of them a chart."

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, mansplaining is "what occurs when a man talks condescendingly to someone (especially a woman) about something he has incomplete knowledge of, with the mistaken assumption that he knows more about it than the person he's talking to does."


Many women have had firsthand experiences with such behavior, and many have pointed it out in popular culture and on social media. Yet, there are still some people who remain unclear about what exactly mansplaining is.

To ensure that everyone is on the same page, author Kim Goodwin created a flow chart to identify whether a person is mansplaining or not. She then shared the chart on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. 

She was inspired to create the chart when one of her male colleagues was unsure what kind of behavior was considered mansplaining. 

Some users criticized the flow chart saying it was sexist, but Goodwin made it clear that she was not applying the chart to "all men." She also highlighted how mansplaining has been a behavior that is "predominantly gendered" which was support by the women responding to the thread.

Goodwin also pointed out that her chart isn't the only one about defining mansplaining.

Overall, Goodwin's flow chart has opened up an important conversation on the topic, and has people looking at their own behavior and has made some realize they need to adjust the way they are talking to or over others. 

One Twitter user even has Goodwin's permission to add the chart to a student resource page to help carry on the message.

(H/T: Scary Mommy)

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