The White House Wants You To Know This 'One Thing' Before You Have Sex


Every 107 seconds, an American is the victim of sexual assault. Four out of five times, it's committed by someone the victim knows and rapes are especially prevalent on college campuses. With a new school year underway, the White House released a new anti-rape video, as part of its #ItsOnUs sexual assault prevention campaign, launched by President Obama in 2014

They have one message: If you want to have sex, you need consent. If you don't have consent, it's rape. 

Celebrities from Minka Kelly to Josh Hutcherson got together and filmed this PSA to drive that point home:


"One thing you can never have sex without?"

"It's consent."

"Because sex without it isn't sex ..."

"It's rape."

People may think it's a simple concept, and that rapists will rape regardless, but it's not that easy to dismiss: A study from January 2015 found a whopping one-third of college men would have intercourse with a woman even if she didn't want to if he knew he wouldn't get caught. Yet only 13 percent admitted having intentions to rape. Still terrifying but even moreso is the fact that most of these guys don't even know what they're describing is rape. 

That's largely in part because people often think of rape as a "jump out of the bushes" forced act — which it can be — but simply ignoring someone when they say "no" or not saying yes at all (even if they're drunk) is rape, too. 

Check out the full PSA below and remember, #ItsOnUs.


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