What If 1.5 Million People Left Manhattan? Would The World Notice?

It looks like a horror movie, but it's actually happening in real life.

It's hard to imagine what it would feel like to be banished from your home. To be removed from your family, your friends, from the places you grew up in and loved.

Now imagine 1.5 million people had been forced from their homes, the equivalent of Manhattan. Do you think the world would notice?


Your answer was probably something along the lines of, "Of course, how could it not?" But, as the video above explains, 1.5 million Syrian children have already been forced to abandon their homes and live in refugee camps, some without even the basic resources to keep them safe and sound. And people don't seem to be reacting like they would if it was New York City on the line.

The video is a hard-hitting collaboration between the UNHCR and The Hamdi Foundation. According to their press release, the violence in Syria "has forced ten million people from their homes - that's half the country - and more than 3 million out of the country itself."

One of the biggest issues, the release suggests, is that neighboring countries cannot continue taking in the millions of fleeing refugees. The two organizations are reaching out to the international community for aid.

To find out more and pledge your support, visit UNHCR.org.

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