Watch This Poet Flip Love Songs On Their Head And Make Us Rethink Beauty

"What if I knew that I was beautiful..."

There's something so attractive about a woman who has no idea she's attractive.

Or at least that's the overpowering message society shouts through music, literature, and even women's magazines. It's a given that women need to be beautiful, but that beauty is somehow tainted if it's self-aware, if it's not demure.

When we say a woman doesn't know she's beautiful, it's implied that she has low confidence. Why is that charming? Does it mean we fear confident women?

In a video produced by Buzzfeed, Daysha Edewi challenges the idea that ignorance of one's beauty enhances it. She declares she doesn't need anyone to validate her self-love, and we're all for it. Check out the awesome poem below.



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