Here Are All The Amazing Things That Happen To Your Body In The Sun

It even helps your nails!

When you step outside on a bright, sunny summer day, what's really happening to your body?

A recent video for Elite Daily points out all the positive things that are happening when our brains, bones, nails, and beyond are exposed to the sunshine — many of which we may miss out on if we spend too much time hugging the air conditioner in the comfort of our dark apartments. 

Of course, the video is also sure to note there are some dangers that come with too much UV exposure. For example, dehydration can cause kidney strain, so it's important to always have water on hand. Just as important is having SPF products to protect your skin from sun damage. 

If we understand the positive and negative effects the sun has on our bodies, we can learn how to reap its benefits while avoiding any harm each and every day.


Brain: Exposure to UV radiation causes the release of endorphins.

Nails: The sun's warm rays increase blood flow to the skin in order to keep the body cool and this, in turn, stimulates nail growth.

Face: 80 percent of wrinkles are caused by the sun.

That said, sunscreen is a must. But here are some other awesome SPF products to try this season:

Find out more of what happens to your body in the sun in the full video below:


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