As Soon As You Lose Your Phone Contacts, These 6 Awkward Things Happen

"Um... who?"

We all know that awkward feeling when you lose your phone contacts, and your world comes crashing down. 

Decoding every text, figuring out who sent it, and coming up with an appropriate response is like trying to make your way through one big maze.

So, if you've ever lost all those precious numbers, you probably know these six awkward situations all too well. 


1. A message from your BFF reads like a threat.


2. Your entire social circle is a mystery.

Who are you, where are you, and where am I?

3. That person you've designated as "DO NOT ANSWER" in your phone is now just a number.

Even the simplest message could be that creepy guy from the bar you should never, ever respond to again. 

4. Seriously, who are you?

You can't say you're not free, because what if you actually want to hang out. But you can't say you are free, because what if you don't want to hang out. #Problems. 

5. You have to learn to act natural.

Could be a coworker, a friend on the street or your neighbor at the grocery store. 


Do you turn around? Choose wisely. 

6. You're a buzzkill.

ME TOO! But what about what, exactly?

Good luck out there.

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