9 Thoughts That Go Through A Girl's Head Immediately Prior To A First Kiss

There's a LOT going on.

Today's the day - or the night. You've showered, shampooed, and brushed your teeth. Twice. You're a sparkly clean version of yourself, equipped with enough mints to freshen the breath of a small Roman legion. Maybe you're planning to try the old yawn-and-lean technique with him, or maybe you're hoping she'll make the first move.

Regardless, It's your first kiss with this person. Your pioneering lip lock, your inaugural game of tonsil hockey. You want to make it count. This is what is going through your head.


"It's happening. It's happening!"

"Wait, can't let on how excited I am. I'm cool. It's chill."

"I lied. It is absolutely NOT CHILL."

"Ugh, I forgot to have another breath mint, but there's no time now."

"Wait, do everyone's lips look like that up close?"

"Do MY lips look like that up close?"

"Am I coming in at a weird angle? I'm totally coming in at a weird angle."

"Almosttt there."

"This is taking too long. We're both cute, let's just go for it."

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