What Is Your State Googling To Get Ready For Thanksgiving? One Handy Map Will Tell You.

We like Washington and Illinois’ results the best.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and, if you're tech-savvy, you've probably visited Google.com a time or two to do some research on how to make this year's gathering the best one yet.

And just what are people searching for? CenturyLinkQuote dived deep into Google Trends to look at the search volume for Thanksgiving-related terms throughout November 2017. It then determined each state's score based on how much more a state searched that term than the other states — and the results are quirky, expected, delicious, and overall fun! 

For example, New York is looking up the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which makes sense as it strolls down the streets of New York City. Wyoming, on the other hand, is looking for Thanksgiving games to entertain guests. 

Five states are firmly focused on football, while residents of four states, in particular, want to know where they can get a good Thanksgiving meal — cooked by someone at a restaurant.

Here's a look at the graphic below and full results below:

Here's a state-by-state breakdown of the Thanksgiving-themed search terms:

Alabama: "Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving Near Me"
Alaska: "Pumpkin Pie"
Arizona: "When Is Thanksgiving"
Arkansas: "Pecan Pie"
California: "When Is Thanksgiving"
Colorado: "Turkey Bowling"
Connecticut: "Stuffing"
Delaware: "NFL On Thanksgiving Day"
District of Columbia: "Vegetarian Thanksgiving"
Florida: "When Is Thanksgiving"
Georgia: "Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving Near Me"
Hawaii: "NFL On Thanksgiving Day"
Idaho: "When Is Thanksgiving"
Illinois: "Friendsgiving"
Indiana: "Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving Near Me"
Iowa: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Kansas: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Kentucky: "Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving Near Me"
Louisiana: "Pecan Pie"
Maine: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Maryland: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Massachusetts: "NFL On Thanksgiving Day"
Michigan: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Minnesota: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Mississippi: "Pecan Pie"
Missouri: "Does Canada Celebrate Thanksgiving"
Montana: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Nebraska: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Nevada: "When Is Thanksgiving"
New Hampshire: "How To Cook A Turkey"
New Jersey: "Does England Celebrate Thanksgiving"
New Mexico: "When Is Thanksgiving"
New York: "Macy's Parade"
North Carolina: "When Is Thanksgiving"
North Dakota: "NFL On Thanksgiving Day"
Ohio: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Oklahoma: "Pecan Pie"
Oregon: "Vegetarian Thanksgiving"
Pennsylvania: "Does England Celebrate Thanksgiving"
Rhode Island: "NFL On Thanksgiving Day"
South Carolina: "When Is Thanksgiving"
South Dakota: "Things To Be Thankful For"
Tennessee: "What Is Thanksgiving"
Texas: "When Is Thanksgiving"
Utah: "When Is Thanksgiving"
Vermont: "Stuffing"
Virginia: "Does England Celebrate Thanksgiving"
Washington: "Friendsgiving"
West Virginia: "First Thanksgiving"
Wisconsin: "Turkey Trot"
Wyoming: "Thanksgiving Games"

Cover image: LightField Studios / Shutterstock.com


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