Here's What Drugs Literally Look Like On Your Face

Beautifully terrifying.

At one point or another, you have probably been inundated with terrifying PSAs that claim to show your brain on some drug. And while it is questionable whether or not messages like these are effective deterrents from using substances, most agree the images are at least interesting to look at. 

But what if we could literally see the drug on a person's face? Artist Les Baker V decided to show us what this might look like in a photo series entitled INEBRI-NATION. In it, Baker manipulates photographs of actual users by overlaying images of their drug of choice on their faces. According to the project's description on Baker's photography website, the work is not necessarily meant to politicize the issue, but rather "showcase the diversity of those who use mind altering substances." 

"They [the subjects of the photographs] include students, servers, doctors, soldiers, lawyers, politicians, mothers, fathers, artists, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and judges," writes Baker. 


Check out the amazing project...

(H/T: LifeBuzz

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