Amusing Map Shows The Thing People Find Most Annoying In Each U.S. State

Do you agree with the choice in your state?

Bonding over the things you both passionately enjoy is a great to way to strengthen your relationships with people. But you know what else is great? Bonding over the innocuous things you both find truly annoying. A study even backs up that idea. Researchers at the University of Oklahoma found that "sharing a negative—as compared to a positive—attitude about a third party is particularly effective in promoting closeness between people." 

Hater, a dating app that matches people based on their shared hatred of a variety of harmless, but totally annoying topics — such as sand, fidget spinners, taking videos at concerts, and "friendly reminder" emails — is banking on this idea to help people find true love. Or, at least, a fun date. 

Hater collected data from hundreds of thousands of their users in the U.S. to find out the topics people in each state find the most annoying.  Users were able to give "love," "hate," "like," or "dislike" responses for each topic. 


After collecting this data based on the location of their users, Hater put together a map that shows the most hated topic in each state. Interestingly enough, no state is in agreement with each other about the thing they dislike most. 

For example, people in Illinois feel very strongly against biting into string cheese, but people in Virginia are much more concerned about the practice of dabbing pizza grease with a napkin. People in Colorado are not here for *NSYNC throwbacks and, in Kansas, people are hard passing on reruns of Seinfeld

Check out the map for yourself below. And tell us, do you agree with the topic your state hates? 

Cover image via Shutterstock


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