This Is What Couples Fight About In Other Countries

"You don't put Jalapeños stuffed into plantains."

No matter where you live, you're going to eventually disagree with your significant other.

We all know the tropes: a woman who won't say what she's thinking, a man who rushes into things brashly, a young couple who thrives on jealousy, and old couple who are getting increasingly bored of each other. 

In a recent BuzzFeedYellow, those arguments were explored in six countries. What kind of misconduct are men committing in Finland? Who is expected to keep their mouth shut about politics in Russia? They've got the answers, and you may surprised how consistent things really are. 


1. Finland, where things seem really perfect.

2. China, where you better have the right slippers.

3. India, experiencing a known issue.

4. Spain, where the lights need to be off.

5. Russia and U.S. relations are hard everywhere.

6. Dominicans and Mexicans, where spice is questioned.

Check out the full video:


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