Take Notes From These Bartenders Because They Know More About Tinder Dates Than You Do

Pearls of wisdom.

You rush through the door. Carefully select a table in a strategically convenient spot. Glance over the crowd... still got five minutes to go.

You order a drink. Your heart is racing.

You have no idea who this person is, or what he really looks like. Feels like everyone in the bar has already X-rayed your body and mind and the intentions of this date. They will have no mercy on your soul. The only person you can trust is that strong, confident figure behind the bar. 


People at viral news site The Daily Share produced an eye-opener for all the Tinder lovers out there. With the help of eight bartenders from a variety of New York City bars, they made a video on what Tinder dates actually look like from another person's perspective. And it's gold.


Now even if this video was only created to make you laugh (or feel like more of a douche), there's something everyone can learn from it.

If your date browses Tinder while you're talking, starts hitting on other people or leaves, those are Captain Obvious indicators of a bad date. Sorry, but you're not going to buy a golden retriever and grow old together.

One the other hand, if you're both laughing, if you're not afraid to touch each other, if you're leaning in towards them and the conversation seems to shut down the entire world around you, it's probably a good sign.

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