What Tinder Would Have Looked Like In 1980

Blast from the past.

Today there are so many options when looking for a date. You can hook up with old flames on Facebook, try speed dating — yep, it's popular again —  go on "The Bachelorette," or use sites like Tinder. 

In fact, there's almost too many options. People want plenty of date choices and they want them fast. Some go through hundreds before finding "the one."


What happened to simpler times when people dated their co-workers, got set up by friends or just met at a bar?  Were they less entitled, less shallow, less greedy than today's daters?

Nope, they just didn't have the technology for online dating. We're pretty sure they would have jumped on the chance to try it out if it had been available.  

Here's what an internet dating site such as Tinder would have looked like back in the 1980s, in all its deliciously cheesy retro culture.

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