What 7 Ancient Ruins Around The World Would Look Like Reconstructed

"They're evidence of fascinating ancient cultures and monuments to the human spirit."

Ancient ruins give us a glimpse at the lives of people who livedlong before us. While they're awe-inspiring in their own right nowadays, it'sfascinating to think about what they would've been like when they were firstbuilt. 

Tohelp people get a better idea of what they would've looked like, Expedia hascreated a series of GIFs that show seven ancient ruins around the worldreconstructed

"Inspired by the history and beauty of ruins around the world, we wanted to make them come alive for readers by reconstructing them to show what they looked like back in their day," Luke Doyle, a spokesperson for Expedia, told A Plus."We worked with an architect and did thorough research to be sure we we representing an accurate representation of each site." 


They selected seven sites that they thought people would befamiliar with, but that also represent a variety of different cultures,periods, and architectural styles. 

"Theseruins are more than just the materials with which they were built," Doylesaid. "They're evidence of fascinating ancient cultures and monuments tothe human spirit. We hope that viewers are inspired to learn more about theunique histories of these sites and perhaps even travel to themsomeday!" 

You can check out the GIFs below:

1. The Parthenon in Greece

2. Temple of Jupiter in Italy

3. The Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

4. Nohoch Mul Pyramid (Coba) in Mexico

5. Area Sacra di Largo Argentina – Temple B in Italy

6. Milecastle 39 in England

7. Luxor Temple in Egypt


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