Hilarious Flight Attendant Absolutely Nails His Safety Awareness Routine


They say actions speak louder than words and for one attendant onboard a WestJet flight, the sentiment couldn't be truer.  

Using only hand gestures and on-point facial expressions, the attendant runs through his safety demonstration routine with plenty of sass, jokes, and dramatics that have everyone laughing along. 

And it was all captured on camera.


In the Facebook video that has consequentially gone viral with over nine million views, TM'z Veterinary Clinic captions: "We had the best in-flight crew on WestJet. Laughed so hard... Enjoy, we certainly did!"

At the start of the video, the attendant appears to ask passengers to keep their eyes on him — though it seems that nothing could distract from his performance. 

From then on out, the demonstration is a hilarious ride, and it's one we wish we could have witnessed in person.

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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