This Gorgeous Couple Absolutely Nails Their Save The Date Video

So quirky and fun.

So this is Jon.


And this is his stylish fiancé Jess.

The two met in New York back in 2008 in front of The Charging Bull of Wall-Street. Jon worked in advertising which was a nice change from the finance types Jess was usually hung out with.

They started as friends, but it soon turned into something more.

Now these two lovebirds are about to get married.

To celebrate, they created what is quite possibly one of the coolest Save the Date videos ever. 

Inspired by the signature style of Wes Anderson and set to a heartwarming track by Camera Obscura, the video made our hearts melt. 

Featuring bits and pieces of home footage...

... their Save the Date video is all about things that inspire them.


We could watch this all day.

Isn't love grand? 

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