A British Woman Wrote A Poem About Mansplaining Before The Term Even Existed

Edition XXI of "Mansplaining men attempt to prove that mansplaining isn't a thing."

Long before the term "mansplaining" was coined — well, "long" is relative to the speed at which we consume things on the internet today — a British woman named Wendy Cope used the clumsy male habit of exhaustingly and unnecessarily explaining things to women as a subject of her poem. 

Entitled "Differences of opinion," the humorous poem was shared by journalist Felicity Morse on Twitter in honor of National Poetry Day in the U.K. 


Naturally, in matters of gender (especially when it has to do with calling out misogynistic behavior), many men took the poem personally, and ironically accused Morse and the poem of sexism.

So Morse mischievously feigned being perplexed and, in turn, let them prove themselves that yes, mansplaining is alive and well.

Lastly, here is a GIF of one of the most powerful women in the United States listening to a man 'splaining things to her.

[H/T: Mashable]


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