This Clever Japanese Underground Parking System Is Every Cyclist's Dream

Thank you, technology.

If you have ever had anything stolen, whether it was a credit card or a purse, then you know how much it sucks.

And while the low-tech solution to this is to just never let your belongings out of your sight, that's not really possible for things as large and as unwieldy as bicycles. Can you imagine hoisting your bike over your shoulder as you try to navigate the fruit aisle?


Luckily, brilliant new Japanese bicycle parking technology brings a promise of making our lives free of cycle theft. Not to mention, it'll also make better use of parking space.

The idea is simple. You bring your bike...

... and the automated system parks it underground for you.

To get your bike back, you simply scan the ticket you got when you first dropped off your bike.

And your bicycle is on its way!

So simple, but so genius. Watch the entire video below.

Looks like underground parking lots for bikes could be the next big thing. We want to know what you think.

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