22 Oddly Satisfying GIFs That'll Make You Breathe A Sigh Of Relief Every Time

These are way too hypnotic.

If you're having a case of the Mondays, or are in a bad mood, just take a look at a these oddly satisfying GIFs that somehow make everything in the whole wide world seem OK. 

They are the Internet's equivalents of popping bubble wrap, ripping perforated paper or peeling off hot glue. Enjoy: 


1. Woah.

2. The most amazing guillotine we've seen.

3. So satisfying that it's OK no one likes this flavor.

4. Who needs friends?

5. That's how they work?!

6. We can't look away.

7. Art.

8. We're not even upset we didn't get to eat that.

9. OK maybe we're a little upset.

10. Styrofoam's not great for the Earth to begin with.

11. Really fostering that national unity.

12. [Insert profound "Game of Thrones" reference.]

13. What do the groundhogs in this thing look like?

14. Time to finally become lumberjacks.

15. Playtime is ruined, but it's OK.

16. Resisting the urge to cheer...

17. Whatever this thing is, we want it.

18. These "R" amazing.

19. We're hyperventilating too, dough.

20. Seriously, dough things do not get enough love.

21. Oh, so that's how they get it to be so perfect.

22. But most importantly...

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