8 Weird Hangover Cures You've Probably Never Heard Of

Pounding headache be gone.

We've all had those nights. You know, the ones where you think you're king of the world, the most popular girl at the party, a dancing queen, the guy who can afford to buy everyone drinks. 

It's only when we wake up the next morning with empty pockets, a pounding headache, and horrible nausea that we realize everything we did the previous night was probably a mistake — including the weird make out sesh with the person manning coat check. 

No matter how many times you've said to yourself, "I shall never drink again," there's always another night of partying to be had somewhere down the road, so you might as well be prepared to deal with the morning after. 

Luckily, we've outlined some of the best, lesser known, ways to cure that hangover. 

You're welcome, in advance. 


1. Eat some bananas and pretzels.

Apparently, bananas and pretzels are a hangover's worst nightmare. The combination of potassium and salt is a quick way to fight the pain, because, as New Jersey-based nutritionist  Alyssa Cellini told MedicalDaily: "[B]oth salt and potassium are electrolytes that hold onto water to decrease dehydration." And as we all know too well, dehydration is one of the many symptoms of a bad hangover. 

2. Stink it up with garlic.

It's worth the stinky breath, because garlic helps "coat your tummy" with essential nutrients that prevent the negative after-effects of alcohol, according to Tone It Up co-founder Karena Dawn, as quoted in an International Business Times article. 

3. Watch the movie "The Hangover."

OK, so watching "The Hangover" will not actually cure your hangover, but it will help you relax and get some much-needed rest — an essential part of the hangover cure recipe.  Plus, it's nice to see other people on screen suffering as much as you are, and at least you (hopefully) didn't wake up with a stranger's infant in your room. 

4. Have a VIRGIN bloody mary.

Health.com explains that though drinking alcohol might help your hangover in the short-term, ultimately you're hurting yourself by adding toxins to your body. This can result in "an even worse hangover the following day." In the article, Pennsylvania-based internist Charles Cutler, MD says: "The worst thing to do is to have another drink," because your body needs time to recover. 

5. Pedialyte, duh.

It's now pretty much common knowledge that Pedialyte, the solution meant to help kids with stomach problems, is not just for children. It's also for adults, suffering from their previous night of mistakes. A CBS News article explains that the drink is a legit hangover cure because Miley Cyrus said so. Just kidding. It's because the electrolytes in the drink help cure dehydration. 

6. Swish some sweat around in your mouth. Yeah, you read right.

This one comes from the traditions of some Native American cultures. We're not actually sure if it works, but it's worth a try, because why not? According to the BBC, the cure goes like this: Do some activity to work up a sweat, lick the sweat off your body, swish the sweat around in your mouth, then spit it out. And voilà! Hangover is gone. 

Gizmodo notes that though the "sweat swish" isn't proven to help, exercising to work up a sweat is good for your hangover because it helps release toxins. 

7. Now, go ahead and rub some lemon slices on your pits.

This one comes from Puerto Rico. There, some people believe that rubbing a lemon on your armpits before you drink will help you stay hydrated, and prevent the onset of a headache later. At least lemons smell good, so it's worth at try, wouldn't ya say? 

8. And finally, the traditional recipe:

Aspirin, water and sleep. Obviously. 

For more tips on how to cure a hangover, watch this video:

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