A Redditor Asked The Internet The Weirdest Way to Reheat A Slice of Pizza Because, Well, Someone Had To

"Twist it between your hands until it starts a fire."

Nothing brings together anonymous strangers on the internet quite like pizza.


At least, that was the case when Redditor Fwapaduuurp recently asked the online forum, "What's the weirdest way to reheat a slice of pizza?

And while some may consider it blasphemous to reheat pizza at all, the question received an impressive variety of responses. Here's a baker's dozen of the best ones: 

Some were seriously ambitious.

1. "Build a spaceship and launch it towards the sun." - Magnehtic

2. "Twist it between your hands until it starts a fire." - Teddy_Schmosby

3. "Using a hair straightener." - cowsayingmoo

4. "Exercise with it strapped to your back." - tjpj1919  (Another Redditor, TerraOrdinem, commented, "Pizza really should be monitored while cooking, so it doesn't overheat. It can't just be put on the back burner like that." Ba dum hiss.) 

Some were admirably creative.

5. "Between your thighs while you sleep." - thuthubeefcake

6. "I had a friend who had a gaming PC that overheated so often to the point where he would use it to heat up food and sometimes use it as a heater when winter came. So... a PC I guess…" - SBPlatinum (A friend? You "guess"? Uh huh, likely story.)  

7. "Put it in a sauna" - hussain300

8. "Place it inside the swaddling blanket of a newborn baby, and voila! The 21st century version of The Princess and The Pea." - TheMobHasSpoken

9. "Tumble dryer, now I know what your thinking, if you put it in the dryer it will get smashed around and go everywhere, that's why you put it in a sock to keep the contents together. Note: make sure you put a matching sock in the dryer to be taken as tribute." - Thisiswhywelisten

And some were truly, truly weird.

10. "Cut it up and cram it into 5 or 6 of those plastic eggs they have in kids easter baskets and hide them under a broody chicken." - croutonianemperor

11. "Take it in the shower with me :)" - rooflyss (It's mainly just the smiley that makes it weird.) 

12. "Heavy breathing onto the pizza." - Quizzika

13. "On a hot dog stick roasted over two mice [making sweet, consensual mouse love] in a sock." - Ozymandeus

Once again, the internet answers the tough questions. All in a day's work.


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